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Asphalt Curbs


Asphalt Curb Repairs

Who can fix asphalt curbs?  WE CAN!  Our Ninjas are able to closely match your curb shape with one of our numerous curb molds.  You no longer have to be stuck dealing with a broken curb.  Curbs used as water barriers need to be intact to prevent erosion and water damage.  Curbs used to stop certain drivers from driving their vehicles in unwanted places will make everyone happier if they are functioning at their full potential.

Before and After Curb Repair

Before and After Curb Repair


New Asphalt Curb Installation



Need a new asphalt curb?  Want a water barrier to prevent erosion?  Need to stop someone from driving into your building?  Asphalt Ninjas can help you out.  You get to pick your favorite shape from our multiple curb molds and Asphalt Ninjas will install it for you.