Asphalt Ninjas can fix any type of asphalt and we only use the highest quality hot mix, fresh from the asphalt plant.  Asphalt Ninjas are Masters of all types of repairs.  We are highly focused on providing the best solution with the speed, stealth and knowledge only true Master Asphalt Ninjas possess. Below you will find the most common types of asphalt repairs. Click a box for more information.


Commercial Customers - Improve the appearance of your parking lot and decrease your exposure to liability by having a Ninja fill your potholes, repair your asphalt curb, install a few speed bumps or patch that low area that keeps holding a bunch a water.  You don't need to break the bank just to maintain your lot and keep it safe. 

Municipality Customers - Keep your residents happy by hiring a Ninja to fill all of those pesky potholes or repair all the annoying broken areas on your roadways.  There is no need to pay to staff your own crew and buy and maintain all your own equipment.  Asphalt Ninjas can sneak in and repair your roads before anyone realizes we are there.  Your residents will praise you for keeping their roads smooth and you can spend your time and money on more important things.

Residential Customers - Performing maintenance on your driveway used to be a major hassle....not anymore!  Asphalt Ninjas realizes you don't want to sit around for a week or 2 just to receive an estimate for your asphalt repair.  Let our Ninjas install some asphalt curbing, repair some broken asphalt or fill that monster hole that keeps bottoming out your car every time you come home.  Get your repairs done fast, so you can move on with your life.